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The story:

The Fine Art Society of Milton (FASM), a non-profit organization and the area’s prominent voice in fine arts, has  embarked on a monumental art project for the Milton Community.

The FASM Hospital Mural Project began at a meeting with the Halton Healthcare Redevelopment Group in Nov. 2015 with  FASM’s president, Ursula McDermid proposing that FASM’s artist community would create an art piece for the new foyer of the hospital.   Art can reduce stress and improve one’s physical, mental and emotional well being, it would be very beneficial to be greeted by a beautiful work of art when entering the hospital.

Now the mural has come into being and this 8 x 33 foot masterful work titled “Milton’s Nature Warms the Soul” stunningly captures the Milton-area landscape in the 4 seasons.  The design was conceived by Tina Newlove and in collaboration with Nancy Cuttle’s skills in bas-relief sculpture and planning and implementing art installations, this duo have led a team of 32 FASM members who have donated their skill and 1,000 hours of combined time for several months.

Anyone who is a patient, staff member or visitor who comes to the Milton District Hospital will be able to enjoy this inspiring work and sense the uplifting spirit of the artistic community!

FASM now needs YOUR help to pay associated expenses, offer a token of compensation to Tina and Nancy for the countless hours and several months they have spent working from concept to completion and to acknowledge the mural as representative of our community.

Help FASM complete this project and bring the mural from its incubator at the Milton Mall to its permanent home at the Milton District Hospital, a distance of 9,214 feet, where it will be on public display at the official opening on Oct. 1st, 2017 for everyone to enjoy!

Paint the Path and help the mural on its journey home with your donation of $2 per foot between the Milton Mall and the Milton hospital.

We ask the Milton/Halton community, fellow artists and anyone that has been touched by the healing power of art to make a donation to this project.




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