From the Graduates of YVAMP


For a Season…displays works of art from youth of the Fine Arts Society of Milton. Each piece reflects a young artist’s interpretation of a chosen theme.  With mentorship from our adult artists through the Youth Visual Arts Mentorship Program, our youth have developed their talent with confidence to create pieces that we can all appreciate in this space.


Sudu K. “Sassy”
Sketch of Pencil/Ink on Paper
Sudu K. “Untitled”
Ink/ Marker on Paper


“Lakhe Mask” by Sudu K.  (Ink, Marker & Metallic paint)  The Lakhe mask symbolizes the Newar Indigenous community in Nepal that is used in dance performances during Newar festivals. The mask itself is believed to have the power to provide strength during the dance performances. 

“Reflection” by Spencer R. (pencil, ink)



“Fall Fashion” by Taya C. (pencil, ink)

“Spooky Scream” by Solana V. (acrylic on canvas)

“Pumpkin” by Olvia P. (pastel on paper)

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