FASM Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program


The FASM Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program (YVAMP) is an initiative created for Milton Area teens interested in pursuing art as a career or just as a hobby. The program brings together local professional artists with youth and provides a 4-workshop series teaching students about art and techniques, portfolio preparation, one-on-one art mentoring time, and an opportunity to show their completed artwork in a 3 week exhibition. Students will also learn how to prepare for a professional exhibition and will experience first-hand how an exhibition comes together.

The Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program is open to 25 young adults. Students are not required to have previous experience or training, simply a passion to explore the arts, a desire to learn new techniques and participate in actively creating art.

As space is limited, applications are processed on a first come first served basis and if we exceed the number of seats available names will be placed on a waiting list.

Student Commitment: Our professional artists give their free time and unpaid hours to making this program another success. We ask that students make a commitment as well by attending all workshops, completing their art on time for the exhibition, help with related tasks and generally cooperate with everyone.


YVAMP 2019 Exhibit and Reception

Where:  FASM at the Mall Gallery, Milton Mall 

When:  Saturday, March 23, 2019

Time:  2:00 to 4:00 pm



Registration and Contact Information: For additional questions or forms email fasminfo@gmail.com   Registration is open to previous participants.

We hope the young emerging artists in the area take advantage of the YVAMP Program—to be inspired by professional artists, to develop and practise skills, and to discover and release creative potential.

Registration Forms:

YVAMP Introduction Letter, Schedule, and Photo Release Form 2019

YVAMP Registration and Participant Agreement 2019


POSTER designed by Griffin MacLeod, artist enrolled in the YVAMP Program

YVAMP Themes

Each year, the students choose a them for the exhibition.  In 2016, the theme was “#WeAreTheEarth” to reflect the importance of nature in creativity and the concern of our youth to preserve and protect the environment of our planet.


Read the Inside Halton story from 2016

 Contact us at fasminfo@gmail.com




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