FASM Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program


Hello Milton and Area Youth!

Are you between the ages of 13 and 17?  Do you enjoy being creative?  Do you like to draw or paint, or maybe you want to learn more about photography? If so, this is for you!

The FASM Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program (YVAMP) is an initiative created for Milton Area teens interested in pursuing art as a career or just as a hobby. The program brings together local professional artists with youth and provides a 5-workshop series teaching students about art and techniques, portfolio preparation, one-on-one art mentoring time, and an opportunity to show their completed artwork in a 3-week exhibition. Students will also learn how to prepare for a professional exhibition and will experience first-hand how an exhibition comes together.

The Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program is open to 25 young adults. Students are not required to have previous experience or training, simply a passion to explore the arts, a desire to learn new techniques and participate in actively creating art.

As space is limited, applications are processed on a first come first served basis and if we exceed the number of seats available names will be placed on a waiting list.

Student Commitment: Our professional artists give their free time and unpaid hours to making this program another success. We ask that students make a commitment as well by attending all workshops, completing their art on time for the exhibition, help with related tasks and generally cooperate with everyone.

 From the Graduates of YVAMP:

“For a Season…” 


For a Season…displays works of art from youth of the Fine Arts Society of Milton. Each piece reflects a young artist’s interpretation of a chosen theme.  With mentorship from our adult artists through the Youth Visual Arts Mentorship Program, our youth have developed their talent with confidence to create pieces that we can all appreciate in this space.



“Lakhe Mask” by Sudu K.  (ink)

“Reflection” by Spencer R. (pencil, ink)








“Fall Fashion” by Taya C. (pencil, ink)

“Spooky Scream” by Solana V. (acrylic on canvas)

“Pumpkin” by Olvia P. (pastel on paper)




YVAMP 2020

You Are Invited

to the

Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Project (YVAMP) Opening Reception

On Thursday, March 12 at 7pm, join us to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of 22 young artists and their mentors at an Opening Reception for their special Exhibit at the FirstOntario Arts Centre of Milton.

His Worship Mayor Krantz, and guests will be on hand to say a few congratulatory words. 
Come and support Milton’s talented youth!

About YVAMP 2020

The Fine Arts Society of Milton is offering, once again, the Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program: an art mentoring initiative created for teens interested in pursuing art as a career or just as a hobby. The program brings together local professional artists with youth and provides a 5-workshop series teaching students about art and techniques, portfolio preparation, one-on-one art mentoring time, and an opportunity to show their completed artwork in a 3-week exhibition. Students will also learn how to prepare for a professional exhibition and will experience first-hand how an exhibition comes together.

There is a  registration fee of $50.00 plus the cost of some materials.

Dates for the 5-workshop series:          

  • Sunday,  January 19    (1pm – 4pm)
  • Sunday, January 26 (1pm – 4pm)
  • Sunday, February 2 (1pm – 4pm)
  • Sunday, February 16 (1pm – 4pm)
  • Sunday, February 23 (1pm – 4pm)

Location: FirstOntario Arts Centre of Milton, 1010 Main Street, Milton, Robert Bateman Studio

Exhibition Date: March 9, 2020 to March 29, 2020

Opening Reception: Friday, March 13   7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Application and Contact Information: Application submissions will be open on December 1st.

DOWNLOAD and PRINT the following forms:

YVAMP 2020 Registration and Participant Agreement Form

YVAMP 2020 Photo Release Form


Enquiries:  fasmyouth@gmail.com

Who can apply and what we expect of you: The program is open to new and previous participants who have an interest in art. After the deadline, the applications will be processed and all applicants will be required to meet with a member of FASM so we can get to know you and your artistic passions. The program will be limited to 25 participants. There will be a waiting list if the entries exceed 25. The date and time the applications are received will determine who is accepted in the case that a wait list is needed. FASM has the right to make final decisions if a student does not demonstrate a commitment to complete the session as required.

Our professional artists commit to this program and give their time voluntarily to make it a success. We ask that students make a commitment as well, to attend all workshops, to complete their art assignments on time for the exhibition and to be cooperative with everyone and help with related tasks.


Nadia Ramnarine

Youth Programs Coordinator

Fine Arts Society of Milton



Special “Animation Inspiration” Presentation by Centennial College instructor 3. On Sunday, Feb 9, there is a special lesson for the YVAMP kids. We will have room for more kids (10 yrs and up) plus any members or non-members who enjoy learning about animation. See the info below.  THEN KEEP READING TO THE BOTTOM!!

Special Presentation:

Animation Inspiration

Sunday, February 9

1pm to 3pm


Sherwood Community Centre

6355 Main Street W. Milton


Matt Lyon

Professor of Animation, Centennial College

Creative Director, AIC Movie Inc.

[click here to go to the photo gallery for this event]


Arctic Dogs, the Movie

Mad Hatter Chronicles


Bubble Guppies


Total Drama Island


Matt provided a special instruction session to our Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Program participants.  FASM members were invited to attend as well.  Everyone came with sketchbooks and pencils in hand and enjoyed a very inspirational talk on becoming the artist you want to be.

He gave a lively and inspiring talk about the creative process based on his many experiences in the field of animation, which could be applied to any and all art forms.  After the presentation, Matt gave individual feedback to the students on their sketches and portfolios.

[This presentation was funded in part by the Milton Community Fund.]


YVAMP 2019 Exhibit

On now, at the FASM at the Mall Gallery, Milton Mall 


YVAMP 2019 Reception

Was held on March 26, 2019 at the FASM at the Mall Gallery, a fun night for everyone!  See the Gallery of photos below.


Registration and Contact Information:

Now closed.

For additional questions for next year’s program, email fasminfo@gmail.com   Registration is open to previous participants.

We hope the young emerging artists in the area take advantage of the YVAMP Program—to be inspired by professional artists, to develop and practise skills, and to discover and release creative potential.

Registration Forms:

YVAMP Introduction Letter, Schedule, and Photo Release Form 2019

YVAMP Registration and Participant Agreement 2019


POSTER designed by Griffin MacLeod, artist enrolled in the YVAMP Program

YVAMP Themes

Each year, the students choose a them for the exhibition.  In 2016, the theme was “#WeAreTheEarth” to reflect the importance of nature in creativity and the concern of our youth to preserve and protect the environment of our planet.


Read the Inside Halton story from 2016

 Contact us at fasminfo@gmail.com




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