From Heart to Hand Members’ Show & Sale


Members of the Fine Arts Society of Milton are invited early each year to submit one or two pieces of their work in the prestigious Holcim Gallery in the FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton (formerly known as the Milton Centre for the Arts).

This exhibit runs for 3 weeks in early spring, usually April or early May.

Look for more information about this show, including the current artist application, in March of the same year.

From Heart to Hand 2020 (March 30 to April 19, 2020)

Our Annual From Heart to Hand Show & Sale 2020 is 


until further notice.

When it resumes:

FASM members are invited to exhibit one or two pieces of their more recent work.

The Holcim Gallery is visited by many patrons of the theatres and events in the Centre as well as guests who specifically come for the exhibit. The art should be new in terms of not having been shown at this gallery before.

We are asking you to complete and send the PART ONE form by email by MIDNIGHT on Wed. March 25, 2020 – no exceptions – in order to alleviate the onerous task of data entry after the intake:

FASM “From Heart to Hand 2020” Entry Form PART ONE

Having the information prior to the show will enhance our efficiency and get the exhibit up and running all the more quickly.  Typed forms as opposed to handwritten ones will help avoid mistakes and corrections.

If you are unable to type directly onto the PDF form, please download, print, and complete the form as legibly as possible, with a dark pen or marker.

To send the completed form back via email, you can

a) scan it to form an image or

b) take a photo of it (in bright lighting)

and then send them to

Payment can be made online by e-transfer to, or you can pay by cash or cheque on Intake Day.


Outstanding Membership renewals will be accepted along with the Show Entry Fee (show entry fee is $40 for up to 2 pieces of artwork).

This is not a juried show, however, all art work must be appropriate for a public gallery. All paintings or wall hung pieces must have suitable hanging mechanisms and be labelled as the forms outline. 

For more information contact Sherry at

Any one wishing to help with the intake, the reception or the out take please let Sherry know!

Any sales are between you and the purchaser. No commissions are claimed by FASM. No art can be removed from the gallery during the exhibition.

DEADLINE for Entry: March 25, 2020 by Midnight

Intake Day

You will be required to deliver your artwork to the Holcim Gallery on Sunday, March 29, 2020 from  3 to 5 pm  at The Holcim Gallery, FirstOntario Arts Centre Milton
1010 Main Street East, Milton).

As always, please complete the labels in the form below:

FASM “From Heart to Hand 2020” Entry Form – PART TWO – LABELS

and attach them to the front and back of each piece that you deliver to the gallery.

Membership Renewal

If you have not renewed your membership and wish to enter the show, please complete the  membership application below:

FASM Membership Application

and email your completed form to or bring it with you on Intake Day.

Payment can be made by etransfer to or by cash or cheque on Intake Day.

Opening Reception – Thursday, Apr. 2, 2020 at 6:30 pm.

Invitations for the Reception to send to your friends and family will be sent in an email.  Feel free to post the image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media channels you use.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Take Down Day

The exhibit will come down on Sunday, April 19, 2020, between 2:30 and 4 pm

Any art not picked up on out take day will incur a $5. per day holding fee. If you are unable to pick up your art you are encouraged to make arrangements with a friend or family member and advise FASM of this in order that we can ensure your art is protected.