FASM at the Mall Gallery


          FASM at the Mall Gallery is in the Milton Mall, beside Northern Reflections.  

It is a large, bright space where several FASM members display their artwork, prints, greeting cards and more on a monthly and rotating basis.  

It is also where you can see “artists in action” during Open Studio and Thursday Art Drop-in, and also where events are held from time to time, such as workshops and artist receptions.

SPECIAL EVENT: Valentine’s Day Choco-l’Arte

Join in on the fun at FASM at the Mall Gallery on Thursday, February 14, 2019, from 2 pm to 7 pm.  Art events, art displays, and scrumptious chocolate on offer for this special day of hearts.

New Gallery Hours:

Open Monday to Friday, 11 to 4 pm, Saturdays 10 to 4 pm.

Volunteers welcome!

          Located in the heart of town, Milton Mall is still one of the best locations for Miltonians of all ages to shop, browse, meet, and participate in community events in a bright, cheerful, and active space.  Their commitment to hosting various community-oriented activities, together with our long-standing partnership with them, has given us a vibrant home where we can work, connect with the community, and display the artwork of our ever-growing membership in this unique space.

          Drop in, browse, or take a break in our lounge area – it is a warm and welcoming space.  You just might find that special gift for a friend or a keepsake from one of the FASM community murals.  

          Whether to shop or browse, chat or rest, paint or watch, pop by soon and see what we are all about.


         Held in the large area toward the back, members and non-members can enjoy painting and creating in this bright space.  Join us here for Open Studio, Classes and Workshops, and Thursday Drop-In


         Enjoy the diverse artwork of the highly talented FASM members.  Showing in the month of January are:

Monica Burnside

Diana Tuszynski 

Tina Clancy

Denise Keats (Pottery)

Don Johnson (photography)

Linda Johnson (stuffed animals)

Jane DaSilva (jewellery)

Ursula McDermid

Diane Will

Jockie Loomer-Kruger

Cindy Gardiner

Aroosa Malik

Wendy West

Ljuba Simovic

Requirements for Exhibiting in the FASM Gallery:


Who:            FASM members only

Cost:             $35 per month

Sit Times:   Each exhibiting artist must sign up to “mind the store” for a minimum of 4 shifts (equal to 8 hours).

Space:          2-dimensional artwork: Two 3′ x 8′ panels

                        3-dimensional artwork: Glass cases with lighting, shelves, and plinths for sculptures are available

Intake:         Artists are expected to hang/display their own work.  Artwork that is not properly secured will be removed.

                        Wall labels will be printed for you to ensure consistency.  Please email your bio to umcdermid@gmail.com.

* Artists can use the gallery for their own reception to feature their art.

         This location is growing in familiarity with shoppers of the mall. For more information, please contact fasminfo@gmail.com.


FASM Merchandise for Sale:


You can purchase several mementos from both the Pan Am Mural Community Project and the Hospital Mural Project.  These include:



framed prints



keepsake bound books

commemorative coasters


Other Merchandise for Sale:


greeting cards – printed and hand-painted

children’s books


painted glass


and much more!



Volunteering at the Gallery:


Do you have a few hours per week to spare?  The FASM at the Mall Gallery is a very pleasant place to pass a morning or afternoon, allowing visitors a chance to view and purchase outstanding fine art by local artists.  If you are interested in adding your name to the schedule, contact fasminfo@gmail.com.