FASM at the Mall Gallery






Don’t miss the exciting art in the gallery this month:

Photographer Dave Haringa has several of his stunning shots up in the Gallery this month.  Be sure to stop in and have a look at “the photos that look like paintings.”

Award-winning sculptor Larry Masson has several of his pieces on display.

You can also see several intricate and moving works by Fibre Artist, Heather Nagel.  




Landscape Oil Painting Class 


Start date Saturday Feb. 17th   10 am to 2pm

4 sessions plus a bonus class


There are only a few spots left.

If you are interested, please email fasminfo@gmail.com.


Interested in exhibiting your work?  


Exhibits lasts 1 month.  

Monthly fee of $35 plus commitment to a “mind the store” minimum of 12 hours per month.

Great lighting, good exposure.

Artists can use the gallery for their own reception to feature their art.

This location is growing in familiarity with shoppers of the mall. For more information, please contact fasminfo@gmail.com.


FASM Merchandise for Sale:


You can purchase several mementos from both the Pan Am Mural Community Project and the Hospital Mural Project.  These include:

posters framed prints

postcards T-shirts

keepsake bound books

and much more


Member Merchandise for Sale:


Greeting cards

children’s books


painted glass

and more!