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  • March 2017: Landscapes/Portraiture in Oil with Raffaele
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 Card_frontFASM PAN AM Mural 2015
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FINE ARTS Society of Milton

The Fine Arts Society of Milton & eighty of its visual artists presented this mural to the Town of Milton on April 25, 2015. 
We celebrated our achievement of this uniquely collaborative legacy with a wonderful reception and media event!
The event took place in the velodrome and the mural will remain there.
The mural represents the blend of sports and arts in a depiction of the landscape of Milton featuring a cyclist.
The cyclist, the velodrome track and the flags embody the spirit of the
Pan Am and ParaPan Am Games of 2015 held in Milton and the promise and determination of the athletes who use the Mattamy National Cycling Centre.
Many thanks to the artists who participated.
Rosemary VanderBreggen Peter Young Martin Stanley Trixy Benner
Barb Ariss Roberte McCoag Monique Smith Shirley Erskine
Kristin McCarthy Eva Maxwell Jenny Panda Dana Flemming
Jill Fraas Shane McDermid Jason Shortt Helen Lennon
Brigitte Schreyer Alex Maxwell Joan Hatten Verginya Kechelieva
Cindy Wright Kathy Tyers Diane Will Ann Sutton
Karen Nickerson Nan Gent Anne Elliott Marlene Kawalez
Margaret Lindsay Holton Amanda Gonsalves Gwen Gent Carol Hughes
Vicki Young Dave Haringa Tina Clancy Susan Davidson
Marsdin Davidson Marie Austen DeeDee Alexandre Lois Freese
Leigh Cockburn & Faith Layard Andrea Pastor Donna Funnell Christel Scott
Lisa McArthur Shelley Newman Janis Hodgins Sandra Spagnuolo
Linda Ross Gallagher Barbara Walters Barb Jones Fedor Yatsik
Nancy Cuttle Doris Treleaven Tina Newlove Jason Panda
Linda Shantz Carol Chaddock Jean Rivers Victoria Soldatenko
Aparna Rangnekar Louise Botha Diana Tuszynski June Gerum
Terry Shaw Wendy West Lin Backer David Franklin
Brian Williams Lynda Burns Lexi Reid Susan Jamieson
Monica Burnside Judy Grimwood Cara Duke Linda Mackay
Tatiana Pastor Sherry Snider May Bell Ursula McDermid



“Milton Youth Flex Their Artistic Muscles”

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