Opportunity Knocks!

Your art around town……… 
Derry and Thompson
No fee.
Small intimate cafe suitable for small pieces of art on shelf.
Good food too!
Contact Tina Clancy  at tinacrockpot@hotmail.com
(Our gallery at the Milton Mall)
Monthly fee of $35. plus commitment to “mind the store” minimum  12 hours
This location is growing in familiarity with shoppers of the mall.
Great lighting, good exposure.
Put your request in now for the pre-Christmas sales.


Mohawk Inn has generously offered wall space in their lobby, hallway and meeting room for FASM Artists to display their work.  Each artist’s work is displayed for a period of 2 months and any sales are charged a small commisssion payable to Mohawk Inn.

To date many FASM members have taken advantage of this opportunity.
If you would like your name added to the list of artists waiting or want more information, please contact fasminfo@gmail.com

FASM at the Town Hall
The Town Hall is a wonderful venue for exhibiting your work. Members have an opportunity to showcase their work in the Milton Room and the Mayor’s office  Numerous functions and meeting are held there with a seated audience.

Feel free to scout out the Milton Room during business hours Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (only when the room is not booked for a function)

If you would be interested in having your own or group show in the Milton Room, please contact Lesia Shipowick at lesiashipowick@gmail.com more details.

Your Own Show                  Call For Entry Form

FASM is looking for a few hours of your time. The following positions need to be filled…

Studio Tour volunteers – we are always looking for individuals to help with Studio Tour, whether you distribute brochures or help check the route in the days before the tour, your time is of value to us.