Tips for Artists


Buying Art Supplies Online (from Sheila Mitchell)

As it is a half an hour+ drive to any of the local art stores, I find that it is better to order online and have it delivered, particularly if you know what you need.  Plus, sometimes you go to the store and the item is out of stock!

When deciding on an item to buy this is what I do:

  1. Open a tab in your browser for each store that you want to check the price with;
  2. In the website search field (usually top right) type in exactly the same description of the item;
  3. Then check who has it and the best price, keeping in mind the delivery charge;
  4. Creating a wish list is a good idea on your online account with each company as some of them email you once an item is discounted plus you receive emails about offers.
  5. You can open an account with each store without submitting your credit card information. To open an account the least they need are Name, Email, and Postal Code. You only use your credit card at purchase time, it is your choice to store it on their website, I never do.
  6. Only when the order is fulfilled and ready to deliver do the shops charge your credit card.
  7. Then you usually get a UPS/CanPar or other courier hotlink tracing the item.


Art shops I use online: min of $35 for free delivery,  items come next day from Montreal min of $75 for free delivery, about 3 days for delivery, nice to be able to email them about items for sale before purchasing, they are in the North Bay area. Very helpful, nice website and quick delivery I usually do not use Currys as their website is difficult to use with no availability for a wish list. with min order of $150

I used to use but since they have become online only the min is $200 for free delivery


When in the States:

[Sometimes it is more economically advantageous to purchase art supplies there.  If you are able, have deliveries go to a U.S. address (I have family in NJ) to save on charges, then pick them up when visiting.  Check with the border to see how much you are able to bring back.] Cheap Joes is a great company, great prices Dakota Pastel also great range of pastels, including sampler boxes

Each of these 2 companies sent a little present along with the order.  Lovely!