The Studio Tour is just around the corner!


Welcome to the Milton Studio Tour! It’s a LARGE tour, covering a lot of territory, with lots of fabulous art to see and buy. See how art is made at many studios with behind-the-scenes access to the artistic process. This map shows all 26 Studios on the tour with photo examples of the art at each, plus some landmarks, gas stations and sponsor restaurants. The free tour is self-directed — start and stop where you like or visit the entire tour. Watch for the blue on white ┬áSTUDIO TOUR signs and balloons at each location.

  • You can search this map by artist name, medium, Studio # or address
  • You can turn the gas station & restaurant layers on or off.

If you find it easier, you can download a Tour map from, or download a complete brochure. Each of the locations will have extra printed brochures as well, so you can pick up a copy at the first studio you visit.



Google Map



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Your Own Art Show

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Your Art revised jpg version

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