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We are a thriving visual arts non-profit organization serving the visual arts in Milton and surrounding area.



Our Annual From Heart to Hand Show & Sale 2020 is 


until further notice.


The Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Project (YVAMP) 

Our mentors have worked hard with the 22 youths who signed up for the 5 weeks of our unique program.  

Now we celebrate the accomplishments of these young artists and their mentors in a special Exhibition at the FirstOntario Arts Centre of Milton.

Please note that the Youth Visual Arts Mentoring Project Exhibition at the FirstOntario Art Centre of Milton has been closed until further notice. There will be an extension of the exhibition (dates as yet to be determined) in order that you may visit and see the great work done in the program.


Exhibit Ending Soon

Our extraordinary 100 Years/100 Women installation has moved from the Milton Mall to the Milton Town Hall west foyer near the Mayor’s office for a six week exhibition. The exhibition runs from February 10th to March 20th.  Town Hall Hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30.

The collaboration with the CFUW continues! Susan Snooks of CFUW and Nancy Cuttle of FASM are preparing a joint presentation on the planning and process of this year-long endeavour celebrating Milton’s Women Trailblazers.  They will be speaking at the Milton Historical Society’s monthly meeting on Thursday March 19th at 7:30.

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All are welcome.