Board of Directors


    Elected at the Annual General Meeting in October 2023, we look forward to serving the Members of FASM throughout 2024.

    We could always use an extra hand or two - consider joining one of the many exciting committees listed below.

    Or, consider putting your name forward for a position on the Board! The next elections will be held in Fall of 2024.

    Executive Officers

    President: Diana Tuszynski

    Past President: Ursula McDermid

    Vice-President: vacant

    Treasurer: Shweta Agarwal

    Secretary: Tina Clancy


    Membership: Maheen Aslam

    Newsletter: Nargis Naqvi

    Publicity: Brenna Zuest

    Website: Tina Clancy

    Social Media: Robert Szyngiel

    FASM Gallery: Robert Szyngiel

    Program: Barb Tate

    Events: Nargis Naqvi

    Directors-at-Large (maximum 3):

    Tina Newlove

    Anne-Ellice Pascoe

    Heather Meehan

    Standing Committee Chairs

    Publicity: Brenna Zuest

    Program: Barb Tate

    Exhibitions: Anne-Ellice Pascoe, Nargis Naqvi

    Studio Tour: Anne-Ellice Pascoe

    Public and Corporate Relations: Diana Tuszynski

    Sponsorship: Heather Meehan

    ex officio:

    Website: Gilles Paquette

    Strategic Planning: Hugo Breton

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