The FASM Studio Tour is even BIGGER than last year. Our membership has grown to over 100 artists, adding to our already diverse artwork. This year, 38 artists will be displaying and selling their artwork in 16 locations. Our artists include: Painters, Photographers, Potters, Metal Design, Stained Glass, Wood Work, Sculpture, Luthier, Fibre Arts, Ceramic Arts, and more - enjoy sharing the vibrant journey through each individual artist's perspective.

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Take a picturesque drive through the countryside as you pop into the artists' studios in Milton, Georgetown, Limehouse, Guelph, Eden Mills, Campbellville, Carlisle, Kilbride, and Hamilton. If you have ever considered creating fine artwork yourself, now is your chance to speak to artists who work in a multitude of mediums. Or are you an art collector? This is the art tour for you.

Below is the list of all 38 artists in the 16 locations.

Heart of Milton

Explore the Milton urban area with heritage homes dating back to 1883. Click or touch the Studio number to expand.

Escarpment West

Discover the charming and gently rolling countryside west of Milton, in Campbellville, Kilbride, and Carlisle. Click or touch the Studio number to expand.

Eden Mills to Georgetown

Meander the country roads to discover studio gems. Click or touch the Studio number to expand.

Main Info

Sat, 28 Sep 2024
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Self-guided Tour
Saturday and Sunday, 10am-5pm


Milton, Georgetown, Limehouse, Rockwood, Guelph, Eden Mills, Campbellville, Kilbride, and Hamilton.

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